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-6 FLATwrap SS Braided Teflon® Hose (10' length)

SKU: F-640006-10

-6 FLATwrap Stainless Steel Braided Teflon® Hose w/ Nylon Outer 

(10 foot length)

FLATwrap looks like an ordinary, rubber hose, but it is really a low gloss, nylon jacketed, Stainless Steel braided, PTFE smoothbore (conductive-core) hose, that's impervious to today's fuel.

Looks just like your everyday, rubber hose, but it's really today's high-tech alternative that will last "forever".

Hose Size: *3/8

Average I.D.: .312
Average O.D.: .445
Operating Pressure: 2500
Burst Pressure: 10000
Bend Radius (inches): 4

Made in U.S.A.!



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Price: $125.90