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Project Jackass Camaro


Charlie Lillard & Mark Stielow are a couple of great guys & we're glad to count them as our friends.  Mark built this ZR-1 powered 1969 Camaro for Charlie & it just ROCKS!!!   Nobody has ever pushed the envelope this far before & it makes perfect sense that it was these guys who did it.  In 1995, Stielow started the whole Pro-touring car movement, but this car qualifies as the start of a new class: Exotic Muscle Car.

This car wore the 1st Bottom Feed Air spoiler kit & proved its mettle at events like the 2009 2009 OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Pahrump, NV.

To get the full story on this car, follow the link to Hot Rod Magazine, (pics & text by our pal Mike the PhotoGuy):  Project Jackass


This blazingly fast & uber-competent car allows Charlie to have the time of his life on an open track.  You're living BIG Charlie & we're green with envy.