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Mark Stielow's 1st Book is on Shelves- "Pro Touring"

Mark Stielow recently did a book signing at Autorama 2011 for his latest project; a monster publication with 212 pages, 1200 color photos that shows the world how he builds his winning Pro Touring cars.   Buy your copy today at

Congrats to Stielow & Handzel for doing another winning project together. We at TechAFX are happy to have helped make it happen!

Stielow Wins 2010 Optima Challenge with the Red Devil Camaro

Congrats Mark!  Your win just proves that when you combine a talented driver with a tough, well engineered car, 2nd place is not an option!!!


When Good Hoses Go Bad

 Just a heads up everybody- check out the latest issue of Hot Rod Magazine & learn why you need plumb your hot rod or race car with PTFE (Teflon) hoses.  The OEMs switched over to PTFE hoses almost 2 decades ago & this informative article by Marlan Davis tells you why.

SEMA 2010

October 27, 2010

The Future of Hose Assemblies Unveiled @ SEMA:

QD & AN Fittings for PTFE Hoses

 Make sure to stop by the TechAFX display (SEMA Booth #24791) to touch the future of performance hose assemblies. TechAFX, an aftermarket performance technology company focused on emerging market segments, will be showing their full line of OE-style Quick Disconnect (QD) fitting hose assemblies and home-assembly aluminum AN fittings for PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene…or Teflon) hoses.

QD Fitting Hose Assemblies

The TechAFX QD fitting hose assemblies are the result of a business partnership with StanPro, a full scale provider of OE-style QD fittings. TechAFX will be showing their fuel, evaporative and coolant hose assemblies with QD fittings and PTFE hose for late model vehicles to improve underhood appearance and drivetrain performance. These assemblies are designed and manufactured to exceed production vehicle specifications, install easily and provide excellent reliability.

PTFE Hose AN Fittings

In a world premiere, TechAFX is using SEMA 2010 to unveil their revolutionary AN fittings in -6, -8 and -10 sizes for PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) braided steel hose. The black anodized TechAFX AN fittings have been designed in partnership with JDA to mate to large diameter, conductive Teflon hose: Teflon hose is impervious to gasoline, ethanol, methanol or just about any chemical.

The future of hose assemblies will include PTFE hose because it does not swell and crack prematurely like CPE rubber braided steel hoses do when exposed to today’s fuels. TechAFX AN fittings for PTFE hose install easily with simple hand tools, come in a full compliment of sizes and angles and are Made in the USA.

If you want to install hoses that will provide safe, durable and good looking service over the life of your vehicle, then TechAFX QD and AN fitting-equipped PTFE hoses are for you. Stop by the TechAFX booth #24791 or go to for more information.




TechAFX Inc.

877 355 0137

-10 90 DEG. PTFE Hose End (AL/ Black)


TechAFX aluminum, swivel, AN Fittings are designed & tested to work with TechAFX conductive core (carbon-lined), PTFE braided stainless hoses. 



TechAFX -10 Black, Aluminum, swivel, A-N Fittings for PTFE (Teflon) Hose.  We're proud to be the 1st company to offer a complete selection of the new -10 sizes.  Everybody wants 'em, nobody's got 'em, except TechAFX!

All TechAFX A-N fittings are MADE IN U.S.A. & proven to meet the tough standards of the U.S. Military.





TechAFX vs the Competition


Supercharger Fuel Hose Testing Results
TechAFX has just completely extensive testing our LS V8 supercharger fuel Hose vs the competition: here are the results. The TechAFX hose successfully completed the SAE J2045 testing (which is 8 times average fuel rail pressure, or 58 x 8 = 464 psi) and actually was run up over 3 times that level (completing a test to 1200 psi!). Unfortunately, the fuel hose from the leading supercharger company (we tested 5 hose assemblies) did not pass this SAE test. It consistently failed at arounf 360 psi--well below the industry standard. For OE quality and performance in aftermarket applications, choose TechAFX product.

Who Did What at the 2010 Holley LS Fest

We hitched a ride down to the Holley LS Fest In Bowling Green, KY @ Beech Bend Raceway Park. with Mark Stielow.  For those that may not know, Holley moved its corp offices out of Cali & south of America's Mason-Dixon Line.

The weather was crap, spectators were few, the cars were remarkable, & the racing was top-notch!   Here's a few interesting pics from the event:

Rain, Rain, go away...

Rain, rain, go away...


Stielow brought out his new Camaro & just plain kicked EVERYBODY'S ass!  Did you notice the Bottom Feed Air Spoiler Kit he runs?


IPS Motorsports had this new twin turbo ZR1 that was totally UFO.


Brett from Ride Tech looked pretty good out on the Autocross course.


Mike ran like stink all day & HP TV went along for the ride.


Will & Brandon tinkered on cars a fair part of the day.


Chicago's Newest Billboard

This was one of Chevy's newest "wallscapes" that was captured on camera last week.  It's being passed around for Camaro lovers everywhere to enjoy.


New Lingenfelter’s Newest T/A

July 24th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Rolling Sculptures Show in downtown Ann Arbor, MI.  That was where the guys from Lingenfelter unveiled this new Victory Red Trans/Am.  Of course, these guys know the value of using TechAFX parts & they equip ALL of these TA’s with our products.

This baby had a crowd around it all day!

Our TechAFX Hose Relo Kit just looks right & fits like the parts came right out of the factory.

LS-Fest, Are YOU coming too?

Fri, 2010-09-10 (All day)
Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY.

 July 31st, 2010


The crew from TechAFX will be there in force.  We will be teaming up with our pal Brandon & the guys from IPT to show off our new EVAP Hider Hoses to the LS faithful.

Save the date: Sept, 10,11,12, 2010 @ Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY.

EVERYBODY’S going to be there, you should too!

LS Fest Video

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