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Project Jackass Camaro


Charlie Lillard & Mark Stielow are a couple of great guys & we're glad to count them as our friends.  Mark built this ZR-1 powered 1969 Camaro for Charlie & it just ROCKS!!!   Nobody has ever pushed the envelope this far before & it makes perfect sense that it was these guys who did it.  In 1995, Stielow started the whole Pro-touring car movement, but this car qualifies as the start of a new class: Exotic Muscle Car.

This car wore the 1st Bottom Feed Air spoiler kit & proved its mettle at events like the 2009 2009 OPTIMA Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational in Pahrump, NV.

To get the full story on this car, follow the link to Hot Rod Magazine, (pics & text by our pal Mike the PhotoGuy):  Project Jackass


This blazingly fast & uber-competent car allows Charlie to have the time of his life on an open track.  You're living BIG Charlie & we're green with envy.

1967-68 Camaro Front Spoiler Kit


The Bottom Feed kit improves the laminar airflow passing through the radiator, a/c condenser and other heat exchangers at the front of your vehicle. It will also reduce the amount of turbulent air knocking around under the vehicle; which reduces the amount of aerodynamic drag the vehicle generates. Even better, the Bottom Feed kit will improve aerodynamic downforce at high speeds, improving the lateral grip of the vehicle! Want one yet? Well, if that is not enough, they look cool and install in less than 20 minutes.Kit comes with all Stainless Steel fasteners required for installation. Made in USA. This item is on Temporary BACK/ORDER, awaiting components.


2010 Camaro Superfest


July 6th, 2010


(L) Setting up for the '10 Camaro Superfest in Ypsi, MI

(C) Ace mechanic Rob Kelly installs a TechAFX Big Cube kit.

(R) Rob shows Jim how easy it is to install the new Heater Hoses, while Jason from & another member watch.

We want to thank the Denske’s for loaning us their new Victory Red “baby” for the weekend.  We included it into the display we shared with Livernois Motorsports.  The Livernois team members are a great bunch of guys & a lot of fun to hang out with at shows.

Long time drag-racer Jim Eskridge owns the 40th Camaro ever made.  By making changes to his NA engine 1 part at a time & checking each performance upgrade on the dyno, he’s built 1 BadAzz ride.  On Sunday, Jim bought a TechAFX Big Cube Kit & Rob did the install in less than 30 minutes.

Product Development

June 2nd, 2010

The team at TechAFX is constantly developing new products to offer our customers. Our development process utilizes the latest in computer aided design technology, materials, testing procedures and manufacturing available to create products that are innovative, look great and provide dramatic performance improvements. We invite input on what parts we should develop next because it gives us real customer data about what we should be working on. If you want us to build an aerodynamic product for a certain type of vehicle, send us a quick note in the Contact Us section of what it is–we listen to our customers and appreciate you taking the time!

Winner - Motor State Challenge

 June 2nd, 2010

The latest creation by Mark Stielow is running a Bottom Feed kit for maximum cooling and downforce while minimizing the amount of turbulent air going under the vehicle. Here is some in-car video footage of the car (fast forward to 2 minutes in) at the Motor State Shootout back in early July where it took home first place Overall!

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